University of Minnesota
Asian Languages & Literature

Asian Languages and Literature.


Majors in Asian Languages & Literatures choose one language subplan:

  1. Chinese
  2. Hindi/Urdu
  3. Japanese
  4. Korean
  5. Hmong

At least 35 credits in the major (beyond preparatory requirements), to include:

  1. Two semesters of advanced language coursework (third level or above) in the student’s subplan, either modern or its classical analogue.

    Students with advanced ability in the language will substitute 5000-level literature/culture courses offered by the department in lieu of the major language requirement. Students may receive credit upon completing overseas advanced language study. They must, upon their return, also take an exam to establish their proficiency at the third-year level. Students may also take an exam to establish third-year proficiency and use fourth- and fifth-year language study credits here (8 credits).

  2. Five 3xxx-5xxx level ALL-designator courses (minimum of 3 credits each), including ALL 3001 (offered fall semester only). The courses must include at least one modern and one classical course (15 credits).

  3. Two electives courses in the arts, humanities, or social sciences related to the major (6-8 credits). These courses may include ALL-designator courses; ALL-related courses in other departments (upon approval); advanced Asian language, learning abroad courses;* or transfer courses (upon approval); but may not include 1- or 2-credit classes.

  4. Major Project: Students must take ALL 4900W (3 credits, offered spring semester ONLY). CLA students who are double majoring and choose to complete their major project in a different department must still meet the 35-credit minimum in the ALL major.

  5. Other Asian language, literature, or culture courses to meet the 35-credit requirement (may include ALL courses, ALL-related courses in other departments, learning abroad courses,* transfer credits, and 1-2 credit courses).

Declaring the Asian Languages & Literatures major

To declare or discuss the ALL major, please:

  1. Meet with the ALL adviser during walk-in hours, or
    Email the ALL adviser for additional meeting times.
  2. Create a list of questions you would like answered during your meeting.
  3. If you are interested in learning abroad (or have studied abroad), please inform the adviser during your meeting.

The major is comprised of at least 11 classes, of which only one lower division (1xxx and 2xxx) course may apply. Courses must be approved by the ALL adviser. Courses must be taken on an A-F grading basis and be completed with a C- or better. Prior to graduation, students must obtain final clearance from the ALL adviser.

Directed Studies in ALL and Asian languages are restricted to very special conditions, with the particulars established by the individual teacher upon department approval. Note: Directed Studies cannot be used to fulfill the core requirements of either the Major or Minor.

*Learning Abroad: Students who choose to use abroad coursework towards the major must petition their coursework upon return. Students are expected to work with academic advisor before and after going abroad.