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Asian Languages & Literature

Asian Languages and Literature.


ALL offers an extensive Korean language program, with courses that range from beginning to readings in advanced Korean and readings in Sino-Korean texts to culture and literature courses. We also offer a 10-week intensive beginning and intermediate Korean in summer. Known for exemplary teaching of non-heritage students, our Korean program is one of the best and largest in the country.

Korean is spoken by 70 million people on the Korean peninsula and also by millions of people in China, US, Japan, central Asia, and other countries in the world. The dynamic popular culture and the remarkable economic success of Korea have attracted the interest and attention of the world. Korea also has been playing a vital role in East Asian history and its cultural interactions. Thus, an understanding of Korea is not only important in and of itself; it is also central to fully understand the larger world of East Asia.


Spring 2016 Courses

Summer 2016 Courses

  • KOR 1011 - Beginning Korean I
  • KOR 1012 - Beginning Korean II
  • KOR 3021 - Intermediate Korean I
  • KOR 3022 - Intermediate Korean II
  • KOR 4001 - Beginning Korean I for Graduate Student Research
  • KOR 4002 - Beginning Korean II for Graduate Student Research
  • KOR 4003 - Intermediate Korean I for Graduate Student Research
  • KOR 4004 - Intermediate Korean II for Graduate Student Research

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Hangtae Cho
Director of Language Instruction
Bryce Johnson
Sugyung Kim