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Mission Statement

The mission of the Hindi-Urdu Program in the Department of Asian Languages & Literatures at the University of Minnesota is to provide excellent and innovative language instruction and resources to our students and the community by offering language courses and other language-related services. We work to create an atmosphere where students and teachers can immerse themselves in learning/teaching the target language and where students feel comfortable communicating with each other in the language. Students learn through participating in various activities that are geared toward improving students’ linguistic and cultural proficiency so that students are well equipped to express themselves on a range of topics. Our students are composed of heritage and non-heritage undergraduate and graduate students and professionals with diverse backgrounds. Being the only institution in Minnesota that offers Hindi-Urdu language instruction, we are committed to meeting the high expectations of our students, the University and the local community.

Program Overview

The Hindi-Urdu Program in the Department of Asian Languages and Literature offers Hindi and Urdu classes at all levels: Beginning Hindi-Urdu, Intermediate Hindi-Urdu and Advanced Hindi-Urdu. Our language instruction curriculum is designed to provide a continuous three years of language learning so that students will acquire linguistic and cultural competence at the advanced level by the time they graduate, generally prepared to use the language for work or a post-graduate education. For beginning and intermediate classes, Hindi and Urdu students are placed in the same class so that they can be exposed to both Hindi and Urdu words and become familiar with Indian and Pakistani cultures as well. For Advanced Hindi-Urdu, students are separated for writing and reading components. In addition to these classes, we also offer Conversational Hindi-Urdu, a Hindu-Urdu Teaching Tutorial (for students interested in working as a tutor or pursuing a teaching career), and an Independent Study (Readings in Hindi-Urdu Literature). Our program emphasizes all five skills (including cultural proficiency), and incorporates the Communicative Approach, focusing on performance-based language teaching.


Spring 2016 Courses

Summer 2016 Courses

Hindi and Urdu Placement Tests

Our Hindi-Urdu Language Program also conducts the Hindi and Urdu Placement Tests for those who have already acquired the language through other means and want to continue to learn the language at University of Minnesota. Students will be placed in an appropriate class according to their test results. Please contact Prof. Hong for more information.

Hindi and Urdu Proficiency Tests

The Hindi and Urdu proficiency tests are administered every semester for students who want to test out of the second language requirement. The Hindi and Urdu proficiency tests are conducted the last Wednesday before spring break during the spring semester and the last Wednesday before Thanksgiving break during the fall semester. The next Hindi and Urdu Proficiency Tests will be held on March 9, 2016 in room 101 Folwell Hall. Please contact Prof. Hong to register.


Hindi-Urdu students are engaged in various extra-curricular activities. The Hindi-Urdu Conversation Club was revived last year. The student club is designed to help Hindi-Urdu learners improve their skills through informal meetings and discussions on varied topics about Hindi-Urdu speaking countries. The club, which is composed of Hindi-Urdu speaking students and students who are learning Hindi-Urdu, meets weekly to improve their oral and aural skills. With a number of different topics discussed at the meetings, participants are also exposed to various cultural aspects of Hindi-Urdu speaking countries. Please e-mail Ariel Willette or Sadiya Khan for more information.

Hindi-Urdu tutors are available to students who are enrolled in Beginning or Intermediate Hindi-Urdu classes and need extra help outside of class. The tutors consists of students who have acquired advanced proficiency in the target languages and are enrolled in the HNUR 3290 Hindi-Urdu Teaching Tutorial; a class where the tutors are trained in the current language teaching methodologies and practices. Each tutor is paired up with a tutee and tutoring sessions are custom-designed for a tutee’s specific needs.

Many Hindi-Urdu students are members of the Indian Student Association or the Pakistani Student Association, are actively involved in cultural events of the ISA or PSA, and serve as intermediaries between the students in Hindi-Urdu and the ISA or PSA.

Learning Abroad

Students wishing to advance their learning and attain fluency in Hindi and/or Urdu are advised to participate in study abroad programs through the American Institute for Indian Studies, the Berkeley Urdu Language Fellowship Program or other such programs.


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Sungok Hong
Director of Language Instruction
Abir Ashir Bazaz