University of Minnesota
Asian Languages & Literature

Asian Languages and Literature.

Undergraduate Program

The Department of Asian Languages and Literatures (ALL) provides undergraduate students diverse opportunities for studying Asia and developing their skills in Asian languages.

Students may major or minor in ALL, or simply take classes that are of interest to them. Among the languages that are regularly offered from introductory to advanced levels are Chinese, Japanese, Hindi and Urdu, Hmong, and Korean. A range of courses cover various facets of the Asian world. Included among the offerings are courses on literary and performance traditions, religious thought, social and political formations, and diverse media.

The major and minor requirements in the program ensure that students attain a solid foundation in the languages as well as a firm grasp of fundamental interpretive and theoretical issues that have defined the fields of Asian studies.

Students in the program decide upon a subplan that suits them in ALL. Information about the different geographical regions that are covered is provided in this website. Also, keep in mind that the University of Minnesota offers ample opportunities and contacts for a range of study abroad programs in many different parts of the Asian world.