Particle Exercises

Particles play an important role in the Japanese language.
Nonetheless, they are one of the most challenging aspects of the language to its learners.
This website offers particle exercises to students taking Beginning Japanese at the University of Minnesota.

JPN 1011
JPN 1012

For more information on particles, see the reference section.

Created :07/22/05
Last Modified: 08/31/06

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This project was funded by the CLA InfoTech Fees Committee of the University of Minnesota.
The exercises were made by Ms. Yukimi Fukumoto under the supervision of the Japanese Language Program.
We greatly appreciate her time and effort.

We are greatful to the Centers for Teaching and Learning, San Mateo County Community College District (quiz template)
and to KANT (clip art) for providing invaluable resources.

The Japanese Language Program has the author's permission to modify the contents of the exercises if necessary.