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Asian Languages & Literature

Asian Languages and Literature.

ALCM Workshop

Students and faculty of Asian Literatures, Cultures, and Media have organized a workshop for sharing work in progress, engaging in conversation, and furthering research in general. The workshop presents an opportunity for scholars working on some aspect of Asian cultures to come together, share works in progress, and have in-depth discussions of issues of theory and methodology that have relevance across national, regional, and disciplinary boundaries. Though it is designed primarily with ALCM graduate students and faculty in mind, the workshop is open to members of other departments who work on Asia, and often attracts people from other areas altogether. Occasionally, guests from other universities are invited to present their work as well.

Meeting on a monthly basis, the workshop covers a variety of topics, disciplinary orientations, regions, and periods. The workshop has proved useful for students at different stages of their careers and faculty interested in giving some of their work an initial hearing.