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Asian Languages & Literature

Asian Languages and Literature.

Graduate Program

Several areas of scholarship and kinds of research methods are made available for study to advanced students through the Program in Asian Literatures, Cultures, and Media (ALCM). The program’s focus is primarily humanistic, based on research in the traditions of philological, literary, visual, and philosophical scholarship. ALCM also encourages investigations in the interpretive social sciences—such as anthropology, history, and the sociology of class, gender, and race. Learn more about ALCM course offerings.

Because the faculty-student ratio is typically one-to-one, students are assured the guidance that is required for generating meaningful research projects.

The University of Minnesota has several institutions that promote the study of Asia and help fund graduate research in ALCM, including workshops and research collaboratives. As part of the University of Minnesota Library, the East Asia Library and the Ames South Asia Library hold extensive collections in Asian languages, humanities and social sciences as well as a few Asian language archives.