Walter H. Judd International Graduate & Professional Fellowship
Office of International Programs
Graduate School

The Judd Fellowships are designed to support the continued internationalization of the University of Minnesota by providing critical assistance to students enrolled in master's and professional degree programs, and to increase opportunities for students to study, undertake internships, and conduct research projects abroad. A primary goal of the fellowships is to increase exposure to other cultures. Funding is provided by a general gift from the Walter H. Judd Fund of the Minneapolis Fundation and additional fund from the Office of International Programs and the Graduate School.

Description of Award
Up to $2000 may be requested to support travel, living, and allied academic or professional expenses abroad. Funding for the scholarships is provided by the Office of International Programs and by the Graduate School. Projects may range in length from two weeks to one year. Proposals for short programs may not receive the maximum amount of funding.Two types of awards are available:

Research Awards may be used to support field research, archival research, or collaborative research and writing.
Internship/Study Awards may be used to support internships, language study, study abroad, participation in an exchange, participation in a short-term study abroad seminar (such as a U of M Global Seminar), clinical experience, or practical training.

Students must be enrolled in a master's or professional degree program at the University of Minnesota at the time of application and be enrolled for at least one semester after completion of the project. (Students enrolled in one-year master's degree programs may have the return requirement waived.) Students enrolled in Ph. D. or Ed. D. programs are not eligible. Students enrolled in joint professional /Ph. D. programs are eligible to apply during the progessional "window" of their studies. Applicants may be citizens of any country.

Completed applications are due in the Office of International Programs by noon on February 11 every year. Applications are available from

Office of International Programs
645 Heller Hall
271-19th Avenue S.,
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Graduate School Fellowship Office
321 Johnston Hall
101 Pleasant Street S. E.
Minneapolis, MN 55455
OIP's web site at
Awards will be announced by April 1 every year.

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