Minnesota Humanities Commission Grant Program

An Overview

The Minnesota Humanities Commission (MHC) Grant program provides funding for Minnesota groups and organizations conducting public projects in the humanities. MHC grants are intended to foster connections among humanities scholars, cultural organizations, and community groups. Through its grants program, MHC promotes an appreciation of learning, thoughtfulness, dialogue, and tolerance. Program formats eligible for funding are based on humanities topics and include lecture/discussion programs, panel discussions, conferences, symposia, discussion groups, seminars, interpretive exhibits, publications, and film, video, and radio projects.

Guidelines, applications, and other forms can be read and printed from teh Minnesota Humanities Commission website at http://www.thinkmhc.org/grants.htm

Project Grants
Project grants come in different sizes. Grant staff can help you determine which type is appropriate for your project.

Mini-grants provide up to $300 in support of humanities projects. Applications may be submitted at any time during the year, but at least four weeks prior to the program date. Applicants will be notified of a decision within two weeks of receipt of the application. Mini-grants are for funding small programs, especially speaker programs

Small Grants
Small grants provide from $300 to $1,000 in support of humanities projects. Small grant applications may be submitted at any time during the year but at least six weeks prior to the beginning of a project. Small grants are for multi-speaker programs, panel discussions, pilot projects, and small-scale single-site projects. In some instances small grants may be used to fund planning for a larger humanities project.

General Grants
General Grants are for requests up to $2,000. General Grants are intended for multi-site projects, exhibitions, lecture/discussion series, public conferences, and other large-scale humanities projects. General grant applications may be submitted at any time during the year but at least eight weeks prior to the beginning of the project. Priority General Grants applications may request up to $3,000. Priority applications are minority organizations, Greater Minnesota organizations, organizations proposing multi-site projects serving hard-to-reach audiences, and senior citizen organizations.

Works in Progress Grants
provide individual scholars up to $2,500 in support of research and writing that will reach a public audience. Applicants must apply through a fiscal agent. Works in Progress grants are suitable for support of research expenses, research travel, publication subvention, or other expenses connected with humanities research and its publication. Applicants must submit one writing sample related to the research project.

Steps Toward a Grant

Call or e-mail MHC. The Grant Program staff is available to answer questions and offer suggestions at any stage of project development. They will help you determine whether your project meets the guidelines before you begin to fill out any forms.
Phone: (651) 774-0105 ext. 261
E-mail: markg@thinkmhc.org
Submit a draft application on or before April 6. Staff will read it and respond with suggestions and information. The proposal must meet the Application Guidelines to be eligible for funding.
Submit your final application on or before May 4.
A decision will be made June 1.

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