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Chinese 4042, Spring 2011, Advanced Readings in Modern Chinese

Instructor: Wang, Ling

Prereq: Chinese 3032 or equivalent or instructor consent; 3.0 cr

This course will expose advanced students to various Chinese writings and improve their ability to read Chinese articles, short stories, and poems in the original. We will study Chinese writings on various topics in modern China during the first half of the twentieth century, especially in the 1920s and 1930s, a time when the pros and cons of Chinese culture was under heated discussion. The aspects of Chinese culture covered in this course, among others, include the May 4th Movement, religion, filial piety, ancestral worship, Chinese characteristics, and male and female positions at home and in society. The genres of these writings include essays, short stories, poetry, extracts of novels, and films. These works reflect both a changing Chinese society and Chinese intellectuals’ efforts to awaken the general public and to bring China into the modern world. The lectures and discussions will focus on the use of the language, the contents of the texts, and the Chinese cultural and philosophical messages found in those works. The instructor hopes that this course will inspire students to further explore modern Chinese society and culture. The course will be taught in Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin).

Class URL:
Class time: 50% lecture, 40% discussion, 5% laboratory, 5% Internet reading, film viewing, skits.
Work load: 8 pages of reading per week, 10 pages of writing per semester, 4 exams/tests, 1 final project.
Grade: 10% class participation; 15% essay writing; 35% quizzes, homework, skit writing, Chinese web exploration, and oral report; 10% mid-term exam; 15% final exam; 15% final project.
Exam format: Fill in blanks, answering questions, essay writing.

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